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Lately I have been very busy crocheting ruffle scarves for sale.  They are extremely reasonable, at $25 (plus $5 S&H if you are not local).  The exciting part is that for every scarf sold, I will donate one section to Project Scarf in the purchaser’s name.  I will try to post scarves here as they become available, and you can also check the Project Scarf Facebook page for updates.

Below is a random slide show of some of the scarves currently available…one of these days I will get around to setting up that Etsy Store :-).  In the meantime if you see anything that interests you, contact me here or on Facebook for more info…

Thanks for stopping by!

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Yes – you heard me, crochet is coming to Project Scarf.  Last year, Project Scarf was for knitters only.  Many of you expressed a desire to crochet segments, so for the 2nd annual, I will be accepting BOTH knit and crochet.  Please continue to keep the segments to 5″ wide, any length…keeping in mind that this will be dismantled and donated, so wearability is important.  For details on how to contribute, click on Join Us at the top of the page.

Also – for any of my followers who are remotely local – if you would like to contribute a section, I can now SUPPLY YOU WITH YARN if you are willing to come and pick it up, thanks to a generous donation from our Project Scarf Angel, Jeffrey Denecke at Knitting Fever, Inc.

2ND Annual Project Scarf

I am proud to announce that work has officially begun on the Second Annual Project Scarf for 2012-2013!

I have already made 2 sections myself, and have received my first bag of contributed knitted sections, from our faithful knitter, Audrey in S. Plainfield, NJ.

Please feel free to print and distribute this 1st annual PS flyer to help us spread the word.

Also, for those of you who have been following the Project Scarf blog, all stats have been updated on the website, so please visit us at http://www.projectscarf.org…and be sure to check all the pages, especially Knitters, Where in the World, The Buzz, and  How Long?

And special thanks to another Angel,  Jeffrey Denecke at Knitting Fever, Inc., who just donated two huge boxes of absolutely spectacular specialty yarns…next year’s scarf recipients will be dressing in STYLE!




Please feel free to print this 1st annual PS flyer and distribute at your LYS (Local Yarn Store, for you newbies!) 🙂

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Let’s make the second annual LONGER and with more knitters, whaddya say?

Thanks to all the fabulous knitters whose loving hands have graced this project…

Knit on!

Et voila!

I am proud to announce that Project Scarf #1, 2011-2012, has been officially completed.


The final length is TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY NINE FEET and TWO INCHES!  (And 2 feet 3 inches in diameter.)

Once I dismantle it, I will give you the total count of scarves.

Check back over the next few days for news of our donation to People to People, and hopefully photos, as well.

A great big thank you to all of our contributors, and if you don’t yet see your stats on the website, don’t worry, I will be adding all the final details over the next few days.

Please enjoy this slide show of the last sections added:

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Now let’s get started on Project Scarf #2, 2012-2013!

Happy knitting everyone…


We’re back!

To all of my faithful Project Scarf followers and supporters:

KnitLit members lay hands on Project Scarf

THANK YOU for all of your contributions.  Although the blog has been quiet due to personal circumstances, the scarf has continued to grow, and we have continued to gain more followers online.  So, the personal:  I lost my job in June, and have been focusing on doing what I need to do to survive and find gainful employment.  I am happy to say that I am beginning to emerge from the other side of those difficult times, AND I would like to say that continuing to receive all of your beautiful scarf donations has given me solace and strength.  So thank you not only for your contribution to this charity, but also personally, from me, for your graciousness in supporting this endeavor.

As you may recall, we decided to scrap the Guinness Book of World Records goal, because the requirements were too restrictive.  I wanted to be able to take anything and everything that was sent my way.

Project Scarf on its way to the grand unveiling!

As of yesterday, the scarf was 156 feet, and 7 inches, and I still have a few more segments to attach.

I brought it to my KnitLit group and we had a grand unveiling, stretching it out to its full length on the third floor corridor of Haverstraw Middle School.  I am going to try to upload the video to our Project Scarf Facebook page, so you can check it out there.

KnitLit members with Project Scarf

So…I have come to a big decision.

Rather than having these beautiful scarves sitting around all summer until next season, I would like them to go out into the world and be of use to people who need them now, while we still have some winter left.

I have contacted People to People, which is a local organization that serves more than 1,200 families in need right here in Rockland County.  They provide food, clothing, and other essential services.   Their motto is “helping our neighbors through difficult times with dignity”, and they do just that.  They are a remarkable organization, and they have told me that they will be happy to take as many scarves as I would like to give them.

So I will finish attaching all the sections I have, in order for a final total length count and a photo, then I will dismantle them all and take them down to People to People.

I will also include information about the project, website, and contributors, so they will understand how many loving hands have graced this project.

Everyone's a star in KnitLit!

After that, I will be happy to keep going, and start all over again, so those of you who want to keep sending scarves, please do!

Thank you again, everyone – I am truly honored that you have wanted to participate in Project Scarf.

Stay warm, and keep on knitting!



Project Scarf in the News Again

KnitLit member with donated blanket at Animal Shelter

Check out this great article on craftivism featuring Project Scarf and KnitLit by Leila Cook in the August 1-2  issue of OM Times.  Titled “Project Scarf: Changing the World…One Stitch at a Time” it is in the “Movers and Shakers” section, dedicated to individuals and organizations whose examples and actions make this world a brighter place for all of us.

I would like to thank the AMAZING Leila Cook, for giving me the opportunity to reflect and share, and for supporting Project Scarf and helping me to get the word out.  Also, heartfelt thanks go to DeZengo Moore of Humanity Healing, who publishes OM Times.  Humanity Healing is a Nondenominational Network committed to Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Healing and Growth through Education and Spiritual Activism.  Click here to read more about them…Please check them out!

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