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First of all, in mentioning the length of P.S. in my earlier posts (93 feet and 9 inches, soon to be over ONE HUNDRED!), I forgot to mention that the DIAMETER is now over 18 inches (here’s proof):

3 feet across!


Kind of fun to see it against one of my very first photos:

And so it began...



Project Scarf has been to TWO theatrical productions over the past two days!

Last night, P.S. came with me and sat on a blanket at Tallman Mountain State Park in Orangetown, NY, where my star actor son played the Duke of Exeter in Shakespeare’s Henry V.  This amazing production was put on by the Children’s Shakespeare Theater, (they can also be found on Facebook) directed by the magical Diana Green.  Everyone did a great job, and it was a blissful setting for knitting and theater-going, with PERFECT weather.  If you’d like to see pictures of these talented young thespians, click here.


Then this afternoon, Project Scarf had the pleasure of accompanying me to the Penguin Repertory Theater in Stony Point, where we saw Shipwrecked! It will be running through September 4th, and tickets are selling fast, so if you are local, get yours soon! Many thanks to Artistic Director Joe Brancato and Executive Director Andrew M. Horn (all around cool, talented guys) for inviting us as their guests today.




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and so it grows

So I arrived home from the latest sojourn to be greeted by TWO more Project Scarf packages!

Special thanks to Pam J. from Oklahoma City, who sent 2 lovely scarf sections, totalling 64 inches in length.

Pam had this to say about Project Scarf:

“Love this idea – used up two old skeins of yarn for this – such an awesome project” 

Pam J., Oklahoma City

Thank YOU Pam, for joining Project Scarf!  You are now an official member of our Project Scarf Wall of Fame :-).

The second box was from Jennifer Marsh of Huntsville, Alabama, founder of the International Fiber Collaborative.  Please check out her Dream Rocket Project – it is SO cool, and very similar in spirit to Project Scarf.

Here’s what Jennifer had to say about Project Scarf:

Hey Betsy,

I just wanted to let you know that on my way out of Columbus, OH yesterday, I dropped a box off at the post office for ‘Project Scarf’ which I am inspired by. It is not much, but I hope something in the box helps. You will find some hand washed, carted, and spun wool in which I did during a sheep project of mine back in grad school. I have a whole bin of it that just sits unused, and thought some how it might come in handy. 

This is a picture of a performance I did after I created a ‘cozy’ type outfit out of the sheep wool to place back on the sheep after crocheted. It was a fun project, but I know that the farmer thought I was nuts. 🙂

Jennifer Marsh and her Sheep Project

(photo courtesy of Jennifer Marsh)

Jennifer sent a box filled with goodies from our wish list – it was like Christmas in July!  Inside was her gorgeous wool, an assortment of notecards and envelopes, quart size ziplocs, and some brand new crochet hooks (which I DO use for joining scarf sections).  Also, she enclosed brochures about her Dream Rocket Project, which I look forward to passing along.  Jennifer has now officially become a Project Scarf Angel.  Thank you Jennifer, and I look forward to a continued relationship!

Scarf Log

Here are the vitals since my last report:

Total Scarf Length: 56 feet and four inches!

Click here to see an updated list of the places Project Scarf has been recently!

Thanks everyone, and stay tuned…

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(With Props to Dr. Who, of course…)


Even space hippies get cold


Project Scarf enters Stargate with the hippies "Reach"!

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A few photos from Baltimore…actual convention pix to follow soon – technical glitch being worked on!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Project Scarf accompanied daughter Kalliope and boyfriend Spencer to the Shore Leave Convention in Baltimore. Kalliope and Spencer dressed as “space hippies” from the original series Star trek episode “Way to Eden

Space Hippies

I also saw dear friend Ann, and we sat in her garden and ate quiche made with fresh picked veggies from her own back yard…YUM.

Good people, good food, lots of knitting, and silliness!

the Stats:

(I had lots of time to knit this weekend!)

As of today,

Day 25

Mon. July 11

Length: 269.5″ (= 29 feet, 3.5 inches)  (up 82″, or 6′ 10″ from last measurement!)

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OK – so Project Scarf visited the dentist AND the endodontist today…for anyone in the Rockland area, I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Garry Bey – SO, if you ever need a root canal, you need have no fear.  This was truly a pain free procedure, and best of all, I AM NO LONGER IN PAIN!

(I also love my dentist of many years, Dr. Papo, by the way)

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OK – so we went from 11 fans this morning to currently 73 on our Facebook page, and 24 subscribers to this blog…let’s get this party started! 🙂

Project Scarf travels to Shore Leave – the Star Trek Convention in Baltimore this weekend – hopefully the Dr. Who fans in the crowd will have funwith this project!

Pix to follow!

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You can now find us on Ravelry under “Project Scarf“.  Anyone out there know how I can link my blog and/or FB posts to my Ravelry group?

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So here are some highlights of the travels and progress of Project Scarf since last we met…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have been visiting my Dad in Harpswell, Maine for a few days, and as you can see, Project Scarf came right along!

Some excerpts from Project Scarf’s Journal:

Day 12

June 28, 2011

Project Scarf hits the road for Harpswell, Maine to visit Betsy’s Dad, Lin Rodman, with Phoenix and Beauty along for company. Today the scarf is 11’8″ long (up 6.5″ from yesterday.)

Day 13

June 29, 2011

Betsy and Peter’s 20th (gulp!) wedding anniversary…a rainy morning followed by beautiful sunshine…P.S. leads an anniversary parade to the ocean:

P.S. takes the stairs to the beach

Project Scarf watches Phoenix swim

Betsy comes up with the idea to label the scarf length as she goes (thus avoiding having to measure the entire length each day, which at some point will become quite a project in itself), but also realizes that there will be a stretch factor over time.  I also came up with the brilliant idea to mark where I start in the morning so I only have to measure that day’s progress (duh.)

Day’s progress: scarf is now 14’9″ (up 37″ from yesterday.)

Day 14

June 30, 2011

Got together with my oldest childhood friend Kate Greeley today, who blessed Project Scarf with a row.  Thanks Kate!  After that we went strawberry picking – P.S. stayed at home…

Betsy oldest friend adds a row to Project Scarf in Bowdoinham, Maine.

By the end of the day, P.S. is 15’11” long.

Day 15

July 1, 2011

Project Scarf accompanies us to the tennis courts at Fulle Field in Harpswell.

Phoenix at the tennis courts

Do you think P.S. bounces?

P.S. stretches out along the net...

Scarf is now 16’8″ long…

Day 16

July 2, 2011

By day’s end P.S. is 17′ 10″ long

Day 17

July 3, 2011

On the road…P.S. takes a rest for today.  Home sweet home!

Day 18

July 4, 2011

Project Scarf has it’s first public contribution attached – with many thanks to our Facebook follower Kathleen Ganster in Allison Park, PA.

P.S. is now 21' and 3" long!

by day’s end: we have a grand total of 21′ and 3″ for fireworks viewing!

Don’t forget to check our updated Wall of Fame, Where in the World, and How Long? pages!

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As my grandfather Rodman used to say – no matter how long they were away for!

Project Scarf Update

Day 18

The big news: I arrived home from Maine to a package waiting from one of our Facebook followers, Kathleen Ganster of Allison Park, PA,.  Inside was Kathleen’s 41″ section of beautiful scarf, (her section is pictured above) along with 2 lovely beaded bracelets from BeadforLife.  They are a really cool organization which helps impoverished Ugandan women – please check them out and support them.  (You get gorgeous jewelry out of the deal, too!)

Up until now, all of my scarf contributors have been local family, friends, students, and community members.  So a special THANKS goes to Kathleen for being our first contributor from cyberspace and the general public.  Way to go Kathleen…you have been added to our “Wall of Fame” – Let’s hope that you are the first of many, many!

The Stats:

Thanks to Kathleen’s contribution, Project Scarf is now 255 inches long (that’s 21 feet and 3 inches).

The hands of 9 knitters, and counting, have blessed the project so far.

Project Scarf has been worked on in New York, New Jersey, Maine and Pennsylvania.  Let’s add to that list!

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KnitLit Club, Haverstraw Middle School, NY

OK ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…the past few days have been difficult.  After 8 years in my school and 11 years in the district, yesterday
I had to say goodbye to my dear Haverstraw Middle School, having become one of the casualties of massive layoffs in the North Rockland School District.

I am grieving this loss; HMS has become family to me.  A supportive staff, good friends and colleagues, wonderful students and families, and my superstar KnitLit members are all things that I will miss. (Click here to visit KnitLit’s facebook page)

At the same time I am turning my face toward the sun, and the new beginnings that are being forced upon me.  An opportunity to dive into crafting again (click here to check out some of my work), grow the KnitLit Program, teach knitting, and “scarf it up” on Project Scarf.

That said, I have been delinquent in keeping you up to date on the doings of Project Scarf, which has been progressing nicely!  I take it with me everywhere now, and it’s becoming quite a conversation piece, even though it’s still just a “baby”.

Here is my journal since I last posted…

Day 3

June 19, 2011 – Father’s Day…

Today was the day we came up with the official name “Project Scarf”, after days of frustrating internet searches to discover that apparently all clever names are already in use – so we decided to just keep it straight and simple.

Length by Day’s end: 71.5″ (+32″)


Day 4

June 20, 2011

Project Scarf visits Lehman College in the Bronx, NY.  While daughter Kalliope toured the campus, I basked in the sun in a courtyard and watched the world go by (while knitting, of course!)

View of Lehman College from my knitting spot

Project Scarf goes to college

Lesson learned – remember to ask someone to snap the picture – short of growing an extra limb, it’s virtually impossible to photograph myself knitting.

Length by Day’s end: 90″ (+18.5 from yesterday)


Day 5 – Summer Solstice

June 21, 2011

Project Scarf visited HMS during Final Exams while I was reading questions one to one to a 5th grader.  The knitting seemed to have a very calming and focusing effect – student did a GREAT job!

After school, Project Scarf paid a visit to the Tomkins Cove Library, where I am a member of the Board of Trustees (and both of my kids get off the school bus there).  We got a little silly with it, but were able to spread the word to lots more folks!

Project scarf with Ann Vitale, librarian extraordinaire, at the Tomkins Cove Library

The Scarf tends to inspire a great deal of silliness – I’m all for that.  I think we all need to get silly a good deal more often.

Length by Day’s end: I was a slacker today – no clue, as I forgot to measure it.


Day 6

June 22, 2011

A momentous day, as son Phoenix graduated from Stony Point Elementary school, and is now a middle schooler!  The wheel of life rolls on…

Congratulations Phoenix! Look out world.

Project Scarf visited the after party and kept the kids company on the playground at Haverstraw Bay County Park on a drizzly day.  Betsy was eyeing some of the playground equipment for future Project Scarf photo opp’s…

In the evening, we celebrated at one of Phoenix’s favorite restaurants, The Hard Wok Buffet, in New City.

More silliness (with jello, this time) ensued…everyone should have a scarf on their head while slurping jello, don’tcha think?


(Click on the thumbnails to view larger)

My fortune:


Length by Day’s end: 101.5″  (that’s over 8 feet!)


Day 7

June 23, 2011

Very busy with year end of school stuff…no time for knitting at all 😦

My day was not complete.

Day 8

June 24, 2011

2 rows completed!

A momentous day, and sad: I say goodbye to HMS after 8 years there, and 11 years in the district.  My normal anticipation of the beginning of summer vacation was tempered this year with sadness and some anxiety, though for the most part I feel hopeful and confident that I can create an interesting new chapter.

Fittingly, I taught a bunch of kids to knit (I had a group of 3 boys and 2 girls), and they all got to bless Project Scarf with a least a few stitches!

I got some fabulous photos, but without parents’ permission I hesitate to post them.  From now on, photo releases will be included in Project participation paperwork!  (Meanwhile, KnitLit members have signed photo releases, so I CAN post this one, of wonderful Kaitlin, a second year KnitLit member!)

Kaitlin M., KnitLit member

My observation of the day was the observable benefit of knitting in certain students who are normally quite rambunctious and easily distracted (NOT Kaitlin – she’s a superstar!).  I saw amazing amounts of focus, concentration, and persistence.  Students needed to sit up straight and be aware of their limbs..attention could not (and did not) wander.  What a feeling of accomplishment these students had when they knit a complete row on their own!


decided today that I will have several scarves in progress already on needles in ziploc bags, so newbies can simply learn the knit stitch and accomplish at least a row or two for Project Scarf. Hopefully they will come away from the encounter with a newfound inspiration and curiosity to learn more, and head straight to the craft store for needles and yarn!

Length by day’s end: 130.5″ (That’s a grand total of 10 feet and 10.5 inches!)

That’s all for now folks!

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