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P.S. update

Just back from the Shore Leave Science Fiction Convention in Baltimore…Project Scarf came along (and I must say, put Dr. Who’s scarf to shame 🙂

Lots of pix are on the way, but first I have to deal with something distinctly NON scarf related, which would be a tooth that’s killing me.  I guess this is the first time in my life that I’ve had a bad toothache – no FUN!

Anyway, before I call the dentist, I wanted to let you all know that I was contacted by Sunnyside Yarns in Tennessee, asking if I would be interested in having the yarn shop collect these and send them in as a whole community, and possibly sponsoring a visit at a later date.

My answer is YES YES YES!  What a fabulous idea, and also wonderful publicity for all parties involved!  So thanks to Sunyside Yarn for suggesting the idea, and if any of you reading this would like to organize something similar in YOUR knitting community, please contact me!

more soon, and knit on everyone – hopefully I’ll be back without pain soon!


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Thanks to Ellen Margulies at timesunion.com for this lovely article on Project Scarf!


We’re up to 82 fans and 26 subscribers…off to Shore Leave this weekend – back on Sunday with more pix and hopefully lots more scarf!


knit on!


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Today’s News

Keep those name suggestions coming folks – I’m receiving lots of interesting ideas…personally I’m leaning toward something slightly silly and possibly grandmotherly  like Mabel or Gertrude 🙂  I like to keep it light-hearted!

I am off to Maine today for a week…in the meantime, there is a new way you can help Project Scarf.

Now you can help me publicize the project by downloading and printing this lovely flyer!  Put it up at your library, share it with your knitting friends, put it everywhere!

Thank you all for being such great supporters!

AS far as Day 11’s progress: about 3″ hmmm….

Knit on!


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Scarf in progress

First of all:

Holy Cow…the Knitting Universe is the coolest community ever.  You gals and guys ROCK!

Between getting my site up online last night in an exhausted fog, and getting home from school this afternoon, I already have subscribers from California, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Colorado, Utah, New Jersey, and Virginia (in that order)!

Many thanks to you all for your enthusiasm…


several of you have asked me about a time frame.  Currently, there is no deadline for submitting scarves.  I plan for it to be a long term, ongoing, community art project.  However, as the scarf grows, that could change, so stay tuned for details.

Photo-Diary of the Scarf thus far to follow, so stay tuned!

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Good Morning!

Nonna Dalto joins in

I awoke this morning to discover my first subscriber, who appears to be hailing all the way from California!  Thanks to you, dear follower…I am astounded, as always, by the potential power of the internet.

Project Scarf has traveled from East Coast to West within a matter of hours.

I am wrapping up at school this week – half days with the kids in the mornings, afternoons cleaning up and getting ready for summer, and the adventures that lay beyond.

Look for my next post, which will detail the first few days of Project Scarf (pix too!)

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Betsy casts on the first stitches...

My name is Betsy Rodman. I am a teacher, mom, and crazed fiber artist who aims to spread the joy of knitting by inviting you (yes, you!) to help me create the world’s longest scarf.  After it is done, we will disassemble it and donate individual scarves to people who need them.

If you see me knitting in your neck of the woods, pull up a seat…I have extra needles and yarn on hand  just for you.  Get a free lesson and be part of the project!

Check this blog for daily updates and photos, and subscribe by e-mail to be notified of new posts.

To read more about the project, click on “About”.

This site is still under constuction…please check back again soon!

Knit On!

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