And the beat goes on…

and so it grows

So I arrived home from the latest sojourn to be greeted by TWO more Project Scarf packages!

Special thanks to Pam J. from Oklahoma City, who sent 2 lovely scarf sections, totalling 64 inches in length.

Pam had this to say about Project Scarf:

“Love this idea – used up two old skeins of yarn for this – such an awesome project” 

Pam J., Oklahoma City

Thank YOU Pam, for joining Project Scarf!  You are now an official member of our Project Scarf Wall of Fame :-).

The second box was from Jennifer Marsh of Huntsville, Alabama, founder of the International Fiber Collaborative.  Please check out her Dream Rocket Project – it is SO cool, and very similar in spirit to Project Scarf.

Here’s what Jennifer had to say about Project Scarf:

Hey Betsy,

I just wanted to let you know that on my way out of Columbus, OH yesterday, I dropped a box off at the post office for ‘Project Scarf’ which I am inspired by. It is not much, but I hope something in the box helps. You will find some hand washed, carted, and spun wool in which I did during a sheep project of mine back in grad school. I have a whole bin of it that just sits unused, and thought some how it might come in handy. 

This is a picture of a performance I did after I created a ‘cozy’ type outfit out of the sheep wool to place back on the sheep after crocheted. It was a fun project, but I know that the farmer thought I was nuts. 🙂

Jennifer Marsh and her Sheep Project

(photo courtesy of Jennifer Marsh)

Jennifer sent a box filled with goodies from our wish list – it was like Christmas in July!  Inside was her gorgeous wool, an assortment of notecards and envelopes, quart size ziplocs, and some brand new crochet hooks (which I DO use for joining scarf sections).  Also, she enclosed brochures about her Dream Rocket Project, which I look forward to passing along.  Jennifer has now officially become a Project Scarf Angel.  Thank you Jennifer, and I look forward to a continued relationship!

Scarf Log

Here are the vitals since my last report:

Total Scarf Length: 56 feet and four inches!

Click here to see an updated list of the places Project Scarf has been recently!

Thanks everyone, and stay tuned…

On the Road Again

OK – we’re off on one more trip, then I will look forward to being HOME!


Today Kalliope and I leave for Massachusetts, where she is going to visit some of her friends from CTY camp (Skidmore) days.  We will be going via Providence to visit Brown University (our second visit).  I will be back in Maine with my Dad, then pick up Kalliope and bring her back to Maine for a visit with her grandfather, then on the way home we will stop in Amherst to visit Hampshire College.


We should be home around July 21 or 22.  (yay)


My computer access will be minimal, so look for the next update at around that time.


Happy summer folks, and keep on knitting!

(With Props to Dr. Who, of course…)


Even space hippies get cold


Project Scarf enters Stargate with the hippies "Reach"!


A few photos from Baltimore…actual convention pix to follow soon – technical glitch being worked on!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Project Scarf accompanied daughter Kalliope and boyfriend Spencer to the Shore Leave Convention in Baltimore. Kalliope and Spencer dressed as “space hippies” from the original series Star trek episode “Way to Eden

Space Hippies

I also saw dear friend Ann, and we sat in her garden and ate quiche made with fresh picked veggies from her own back yard…YUM.

Good people, good food, lots of knitting, and silliness!

the Stats:

(I had lots of time to knit this weekend!)

As of today,

Day 25

Mon. July 11

Length: 269.5″ (= 29 feet, 3.5 inches)  (up 82″, or 6′ 10″ from last measurement!)


OK – so Project Scarf visited the dentist AND the endodontist today…for anyone in the Rockland area, I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Garry Bey – SO, if you ever need a root canal, you need have no fear.  This was truly a pain free procedure, and best of all, I AM NO LONGER IN PAIN!

(I also love my dentist of many years, Dr. Papo, by the way)

P.S. update

Just back from the Shore Leave Science Fiction Convention in Baltimore…Project Scarf came along (and I must say, put Dr. Who’s scarf to shame 🙂

Lots of pix are on the way, but first I have to deal with something distinctly NON scarf related, which would be a tooth that’s killing me.  I guess this is the first time in my life that I’ve had a bad toothache – no FUN!

Anyway, before I call the dentist, I wanted to let you all know that I was contacted by Sunnyside Yarns in Tennessee, asking if I would be interested in having the yarn shop collect these and send them in as a whole community, and possibly sponsoring a visit at a later date.

My answer is YES YES YES!  What a fabulous idea, and also wonderful publicity for all parties involved!  So thanks to Sunyside Yarn for suggesting the idea, and if any of you reading this would like to organize something similar in YOUR knitting community, please contact me!

more soon, and knit on everyone – hopefully I’ll be back without pain soon!


Thanks to Ellen Margulies at timesunion.com for this lovely article on Project Scarf!


We’re up to 82 fans and 26 subscribers…off to Shore Leave this weekend – back on Sunday with more pix and hopefully lots more scarf!


knit on!



OK – so we went from 11 fans this morning to currently 73 on our Facebook page, and 24 subscribers to this blog…let’s get this party started! 🙂

Project Scarf travels to Shore Leave – the Star Trek Convention in Baltimore this weekend – hopefully the Dr. Who fans in the crowd will have funwith this project!

Pix to follow!


You can now find us on Ravelry under “Project Scarf“.  Anyone out there know how I can link my blog and/or FB posts to my Ravelry group?

Can I just say this?

The Knitting Universe ROCKS.

I sent an e-mail blast today to everyone in my address book about Project Scarf, and the response has been overwhelming.  We have a bunch of new subscribers (thank you!), and our Facebook page has grown from 11 fans to 58 (nope – make that 60!), and counting.  I am so excited, and grateful.  What a FUN fun project for one and all, eh?

Scarf Log


Day 19

July 5, 2011

Today was a “tech” day for Project Scarf – uploading photos and updating the blog…also produced a new flyer and designed business cards which I got for free from Vista Print.


Day 20

July 6, 2011

Working up all my scraps – this is the ultimate stash buster project, as one of our fans pointed out…today I am working in a cotton of pink, orange and yellow…somehow the perfect yarn for a sultry July day…

Today I also gave a beginning knitting lesson to 2 wonderful young ladies going into second grade…what fun we had, and I hope they will be future Project Scarfers!

Scarf Length: 22 feet and 3 inches!

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