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Lately I have been very busy crocheting ruffle scarves for sale.  They are extremely reasonable, at $25 (plus $5 S&H if you are not local).  The exciting part is that for every scarf sold, I will donate one section to Project Scarf in the purchaser’s name.  I will try to post scarves here as they become available, and you can also check the Project Scarf Facebook page for updates.

Below is a random slide show of some of the scarves currently available…one of these days I will get around to setting up that Etsy Store :-).  In the meantime if you see anything that interests you, contact me here or on Facebook for more info…

Thanks for stopping by!

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Yes – you heard me, crochet is coming to Project Scarf.  Last year, Project Scarf was for knitters only.  Many of you expressed a desire to crochet segments, so for the 2nd annual, I will be accepting BOTH knit and crochet.  Please continue to keep the segments to 5″ wide, any length…keeping in mind that this will be dismantled and donated, so wearability is important.  For details on how to contribute, click on Join Us at the top of the page.

Also – for any of my followers who are remotely local – if you would like to contribute a section, I can now SUPPLY YOU WITH YARN if you are willing to come and pick it up, thanks to a generous donation from our Project Scarf Angel, Jeffrey Denecke at Knitting Fever, Inc.

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