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The Knitting Universe ROCKS.

I sent an e-mail blast today to everyone in my address book about Project Scarf, and the response has been overwhelming.  We have a bunch of new subscribers (thank you!), and our Facebook page has grown from 11 fans to 58 (nope – make that 60!), and counting.  I am so excited, and grateful.  What a FUN fun project for one and all, eh?

Scarf Log


Day 19

July 5, 2011

Today was a “tech” day for Project Scarf – uploading photos and updating the blog…also produced a new flyer and designed business cards which I got for free from Vista Print.


Day 20

July 6, 2011

Working up all my scraps – this is the ultimate stash buster project, as one of our fans pointed out…today I am working in a cotton of pink, orange and yellow…somehow the perfect yarn for a sultry July day…

Today I also gave a beginning knitting lesson to 2 wonderful young ladies going into second grade…what fun we had, and I hope they will be future Project Scarfers!

Scarf Length: 22 feet and 3 inches!

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Scarf in progress

First of all:

Holy Cow…the Knitting Universe is the coolest community ever.  You gals and guys ROCK!

Between getting my site up online last night in an exhausted fog, and getting home from school this afternoon, I already have subscribers from California, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Colorado, Utah, New Jersey, and Virginia (in that order)!

Many thanks to you all for your enthusiasm…


several of you have asked me about a time frame.  Currently, there is no deadline for submitting scarves.  I plan for it to be a long term, ongoing, community art project.  However, as the scarf grows, that could change, so stay tuned for details.

Photo-Diary of the Scarf thus far to follow, so stay tuned!

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