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At last measure (which is NOT the most current), P.S.was up to SEVENTY SEVEN FEET AND ONE INCH!

That is the height of the Tsunami in Japan last March.



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Scarf in progress

First of all:

Holy Cow…the Knitting Universe is the coolest community ever.  You gals and guys ROCK!

Between getting my site up online last night in an exhausted fog, and getting home from school this afternoon, I already have subscribers from California, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Colorado, Utah, New Jersey, and Virginia (in that order)!

Many thanks to you all for your enthusiasm…


several of you have asked me about a time frame.  Currently, there is no deadline for submitting scarves.  I plan for it to be a long term, ongoing, community art project.  However, as the scarf grows, that could change, so stay tuned for details.

Photo-Diary of the Scarf thus far to follow, so stay tuned!

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